Equipment Reviews

Opinionated reviews of shiny bike bits I have used and abused.

I, like everyone else, buy stuff, use it and sometimes destroy it. There's a million other equipment reviews out there, and you'll nearly always find a wide spread of opinion on any item that range from damnation to praise. This is my attempt to add to that conversation. I'm not going to try and be scientific about reviewing stuff, or compare several similar items against each other, but I will try and comment sensibly on something, and not just say nice things about a shiny new thing I have bought to justify my purchase. I do say how well something did after months of abuse and often neglect. If you would like to send me stuff for review, I'm open to offers, but in general this is stuff I have bought myself.


Trailraker (Panaracer)
These have been on my winter hack bike for two seasons now. And, when they wear out, I'll probably get some more. The ag...
QR Skewers (Salsa)
They look good and are easy to tighten and remove. And as yet my wheels haven't fallen out. About all you could every as...
Elite Seatpost (Thomson)
A seatpost has the simple job of connecting your saddle with your bike, and that's about it really. This particular seat...
Headset (Chris King)
The chance are these will outlast the frame they are installed in, and possibly you. if you factor in the cost of severa...
ISO Hubs (Chris King)
OK. So there's no getting away from the fact these are shockingly expensive for a bit of metal most normal people would ...
Hammerhead Hydration Pack (North Face)
This is the first North Face rucksac I have used, and I'm impressed with the attention to detail. It's not bike specific...