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Spring is here

I dusted off my nice bike, and to do a loop up in the Howardian Hills, as the ground seems to have dried out in the last few days.

Conditions are great right now. The lack of rain for a week, and strong drying winds seem to have really dried out the ground. The majority of the muddy bit have dried out, and instead of coming home with both me and the bike covered in crud, I hardly had any mud on me and the bike only needed the briefest of cleaning. It's not quite dusty summer trails yet, but certainly better than slogging through miles of mud. The Howardian Hills are mostly well drained and dry out much quicker than other areas.

The riding was lovely. Most of the farm tracks are pretty ridable, and it was nice to ride on rocks rather than mud. Doing 25 mph downhill over a rocky trail is such a nice change. If you get the chance, get you bike out and go for a ride. Even if you are a fair weather rider, it's good enough. One small thing to remember though. It's head cutting season, so make sure you have plenty of spare tubes, as you can get a lot of thorns in your tyre, and fixing more than one puncture at once is no fun.

Incidently, the route wasn't on this site, but can be found here http://www.sharemyroutes.com/routes/United-Kingdom/Terrington-North-Yorkshire/Terrington/details.aspx on my new route sharing site. The descent from Slingsby Bank woods is worth doing: very steep and pretty technical. The ride along the ridge of Caukley Bank is also worth doing. The track climbs up onto a ridge, before gently descending. You can get some really impressive speeds up. Just don't forget to look at the view, as the views across the hills, and over to the Moors are impressive.



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