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7 weeks of dry weather - get it while you can
I managed a few miles this weekend on some of my favourite bits. Conditions at the moment, after 7 rain free weeks, are excellent. Even in the forested areas, the trails are bone dry. The ground is so
EXIF GPS properties
I'm parsing Exif data in images for ShareMyRoutes. I'd already written code to parse most of the well known properties, but could find out how to extract embedded lat/longs. Some cameras can add GPS l
Riding today
Got out for a ride today up in the Hambleton Hills. Starting from up on the Cleveland Way, near Kepwick, I tried a track I hadn't tried before in Boltby Forest. I actually ended up going the wrong way
Binary fileupload in NET 2.0
Been going nuts over this one. I have just been adding the ability to add custom waypoint icons to ShareMyRoutes.com, and couldn't, no matter how I tried, get a stream created by the fileupload contro
Dead end bridleway in Robin Hoods Bay
If you have read this blog, you'll know I take an interest in local rights of way issues. Dead end bridleways are a particular pet hate of mine. For various reasons, when the rights of way were record
Spring is here
I dusted off my nice bike, and to do a loop up in the Howardian Hills, as the ground seems to have dried out in the last few days. Conditions are great right now. The lack of rain for a week, and st
Beta testers wanted for new route sharing site
I'm currently working on a new route sharing site. Instead of just downloading routes from this website, you'll be able to create and share routes with other users of the website. Others will be able
clear that trail and fill that hole
Those nice people at the CTC have been busy bringing some web based tools of interest to us riders. First, there's http://www.fillthathole.org.uk/, which lets you report road surface problems to the r
Winter is here and so is ASP .NET Ajax RTM
Well, after several months of rain, greyness and wind, York has finally seen some snow. It's pretty rubbish snow, consisting of a dusting of snow, which soon vanished. It looked like there might have
Scottish winter walking
Just been for a bit of a walk in Scotland. Dalwhinnie to Corrour to be exact, over several days, carrying everything I needed. I'm a mountain biker at heart, but I'm more than happy to put on a pair o

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